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AssociateRequest – MS CRM 2011

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Suppose you have create a new contact and since there is a relationship between contacts and Accounts by default , so you would like to relate this contact to a specific account or to many accounts.

Here comes the Associate Request !!

we will use a class called “Associate Request”  which links records to each user assuming there is a relationship between the entities which records belong to .

IOrganizationSericce service;  // instance of the organization serivce

Contact contact;  //The contact you have

Account account; //The account you have and which you like to link the contact too.

AssociateRequest  contactToAccount = new AssociateRequest

//The contact record

Target = new EntityReference(contact.EntityLogicalName, contact.contactId),

//The list of account you would like the contact to be linked with (in this case we have only one account)

RelatedEntities = new EntityReferenceCollection
new EntityReference(Account.EntityLogicalName,account.accountId)

Relationship = new Relationship(“name of the relationship already existing”)



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