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MS CRM 2011- Retrieve Option Set Items Progamatically Using Organization Service

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Problem:   Suppose you would like to retrieve the items of an option set in the CRM to bind them a drop down in ASP.net or WPF application.

use the following code:


IOrganizationService _service;
RetrieveAttributeRequest retrieveAttributeRequest =
new RetrieveAttributeRequest
EntityLogicalName = “EntityLogicalName”,
LogicalName = “optionSetLogicalName”,
RetrieveAsIfPublished = true,

// Execute the request.
RetrieveAttributeResponse retrieveAttributeResponse =    (RetrieveAttributeResponse)_service.Execute(

// Access the retrieved attribute.
PicklistAttributeMetadata retrievedPicklistAttributeMetadata =    (PicklistAttributeMetadata)    retrieveAttributeResponse.AttributeMetadata;

// Get the current options list for the retrieved attribute.
OptionMetadata[] optionList =   retrievedPicklistAttributeMetadata.OptionSet.Options.ToArray();

Dictionary<int,string> LocalizedLabelDic = new Dictionary<int,string>();

foreach (OptionMetadata o in optionList)
LocalizedLabelDic.Add(o.Value.Value,o.Label.LocalizedLabels.FirstOrDefault(e =>          e.LanguageCode == 1033).Label.ToString());

Note: I have choose the language code in the query to be 1033 which is English  if your organization has multiple language packs installed and you want to retrieve with a specific language you can view the following link which contains a list of all languages code


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