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How To : Get Metadata for Status Code / State Code Mapping In Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

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//Create the request and lets say you wanna retrieve  it from the “incident” entity

RetrieveAttributeRequest attributeRequest = new RetrieveAttributeRequest
EntityLogicalName = “incident”,
LogicalName = “statuscode”,
RetrieveAsIfPublished = true

//Get the response
RetrieveAttributeResponse attributeResponse = (RetrieveAttributeResponse)_serviceproxy.Execute(attributeRequest);

// Cast the response to attribute meta data
AttributeMetadata attrMetadata = (AttributeMetadata)attributeResponse.AttributeMetadata;

// Cast AttributeMetadata to StatusAttributeMetadata
StatusAttributeMetadata statusMetadata = (StatusAttributeMetadata)attrMetadata;

//Create Dictionnary
var dict = new Dictionary<int?, string>();

//Loop through each option and get value & label
foreach (OptionMetadata optionMeta in statusMetadata.OptionSet.Options)
dict.Add(optionMeta.Value, optionMeta.Label.UserLocalizedLabel.Label);

//To get  the mapping  state code

int stateOptionValue = (int)((StatusOptionMetadata)optionMeta).State;


Note: you can check how to create Service Proxy at the following link


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