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Export Translations in Dynamics CRM Progrmatillcally

SDKThe following code illustrates how to export Translation file from CRM problematically:

ExportTranslationRequest req = new ExportTranslationRequest();
req.SolutionName = "Final Solution";
ExportTranslationResponse resp = (ExportTranslationResponse)service.Execute(req);
String outputDir = @"C:\CRMTranslaions\";
byte[] exportXml = resp.ExportTranslationFile;
string filename = "CRMTranslations" + ".zip";
File.WriteAllBytes(outputDir + filename, exportXml);
Console.WriteLine("Translations exported to {0}.", outputDir + filename);


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Plugin doesn’t run while importing data

This problem is due to checking for depth in plugin, the async job that inserts imported data into CRM

sets plugin depth to ‘2’, so the solution is to disable check for depth while data import.